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        Mission Statement



        The mission of The Office of Housing and Residential 500彩票软件 is to provide a comfortable and safe, co-ed environment that fosters a sense of community, civic responsibility, an appreciation of cultural diversity, while promoting leadership and cultivating experiential development.

        From the Desk of the Director

        I am excited that you are interested in learning more about the services that Lehman College offers to students seeking housing. Our Residence Hall provides a safe and inviting environment where students can be at ease, knowing that they are just a couple of blocks away from all the main campus has to offer. We have two resident Assistants and one Resident Director who live in the hall and can immediately respond to student needs.

        Housing and Residential 500彩票软件 is here to provide students with resources and information that will assist in making their search a smooth and stress-free transition.

        If you have any additional questions and or concerns after visiting the site, please do not hesitate to contact500彩票软件 by clicking the link on the left.

        Denny Santos

        Assistant Director of Campus Life