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        Special Academic Sessions

        Make the Most out of Winter Session 2020

        January 2, 2020 - January 23, 2020

        Registration is open now and will end on January 2nd.

        Use the winter session to catch up, make up, or get ahead!

        During the winter session, Lehman College offers over 200 undergraduate and graduate day, evening, hybrid, and online courses. For a quick look at Winter 2020 course offerings, you can download a spreadsheet with our Winter Schedule. Please click here to access instructions on how to search for Winter Session courses in CUNYfirst to see updated course availability.

        Registration information for current Lehman College and other CUNY students

        Lehman College students who are enrolled for fall semester courses will automatically receive an enrollment appointment for the Winter Session, as will new transfer students accepted for the Spring semester.  Students attending other CUNY colleges can apply for an ePermit via CUNYfirst.

        Registration information for students at other colleges and universities

        If you are a student at another college or university, you need to download the Visiting Student Application and Checklist and submit the application along with the supporting materials. All application materials should be submitted via email for expedited processing. Students who are not enrolled at Lehman College and are not attending another college or university should contact the Admissions Office to apply as a non-degree student.


        For answers to commonly asked questions, view our Frequently Asked Questions.

        Please contact the Special Academic Sessions Office with any questions!  Please note that the campus will be closed November 28-29; December 24, 25, and 31; and January 1 for the holidays.


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