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        Give to Lehman

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        search this website

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        Students receive certificate from Lehman's VR Academy
        Congrats to all EON Reality Certified AR/VR Developers
        Free Info Sessions

        Testing and Placement at the Campus Office

        Monday-Thursday 9am - 6:30pm, Friday 9am - 4:30pm and Saturday 9am - 1:30pm or at CUNY on the Concourse Office Monday-Thursday 9am - 6pm, Friday 9am - 3pm and Sat 9 am - 2 pm

        Mandatory Workshops for School Professionals

        NYSED Approved Training Provider.
        ESL Programs

        Improve your English

        Attend Our ESL Programs.

        Adult Degree Program

        Bachelor's Degrees and Masters of Arts in Liberal Studies.

        Information Technology

        Industry leading IT Programs
        Business and Finance Programs

        Business and Finance Programs

        Be Life Confident!
        Allied Health care Program

        Allied HealthCare

        Job Ready Programs

        Mission Statement

        The School of Continuing & Professional Studies (SCPS) plays an essential role in fulfilling the college’s mission of serving the Bronx and surrounding region as an intellectual, economic and cultural center.

        The school is financially self-supporting through grants, contracts, tuition and fees.

        SCPS Programs Offer Bronx Businesses and Community Residents:

        • - Opportunities for personal and professional development
        • - Industry certification and licensing
        • - Customized training
        • - Professional advancement
        • - Business counseling
        • - Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees

        President Daniel Lemons's message for the SCPS Catalog Fall 2019

        President Daniel Lemons's message for the SCPS Catalog Fall 2019 Dear Lehman Community,

        It is a pleasure and an honor to welcome you back to Lehman for the fall 2019 semester. The spring 2019 term ended with the largest number of graduating baccalaureate students in our College's history. The good news continued with the reaffirmation of Lehman's academic programs through our recent full reaccreditation by the Middle States Commission of Higher Education (MSCHE). We begin this academic term in a strong position, anticipating an even more noteworthy year.

        The School of Continuing and Professional Studies with its wide array of high quality programs that are augmented by growing links to the other schools of the College, will continue to play a critical role as we add more achievements this year. As the Bronx's premier public educational institution, Lehman College is widely recognized for providing students with the tools necessary to position themselves competitively in the workforce, in New York and around the world.

        Lehman College is now in its third year of pursuing a 90x30 initiative to double the number of degrees and high-quality professional certificates attained by the year 2030. The School of Continuing and Professional Studies is a key part of delivering on this promise, offering a wide array of skill-building professional certificates and licenses. I trust you will find that some of the options in this bulletin fit your needs, and will further your personal advancement and development.

        I wish you a productive and successful fall semester in which you are engaged in important and exciting work.

        All the best,

        Daniel Lemons

        Jane MacKillop, Dean of School of Continuing and Professional Studies

        Jane MacKillop, Dean of School of Continuing and Professional StudiesDo you want to advance your career, build your business, upgrade your skills or finish your degree? Every year over 13,000 people like you come to the School of Continuing and Professional Studies to move their careers to the next level.

        Licenses and Certificates

        You can become certified in a vast array of professional areas: IT, health, finance, education and social services. More Info

        Pamela Hinden, Director of Adult Degree Program

        Pamela Hinden, Director of Adult Degree ProgramThe Adult Degree Program (ADP) at Lehman has a nearly four decade record of success helping working adults achieve their dream of a college degree. The program offers an exceptional array of services and opportunities for adults earning their Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Fine Arts, and Master of Arts in Liberal studies degrees. Visit the Adult Degree Program website for more information.

        Goher Murtaza, Director of Continuing Education

        Goher Murtaza, Director of Continuing Education Our professional certificate programs and courses have been helping thousands of adults achieve their career and personal goals. The Lehman Academy for Children and Teens offers Saturday academic and recreational classes and the Summer Camp at Lehman filled with exciting activities. Experienced and dedicated instructors, convenient locations, affordable tuition, and a myriad of classes to choose from are hallmarks of Lehman's Continuing Education program. Visit the Continuing Education website for more information.


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